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Hitachi TwinJet

Hitachi’s CIJ printers have proven unmatched reliability and superior performance in the industry. This reliability, coupled with a simplified, intuitive user interface and a circulation system that consumes up to 50% less in inks and make-up fluids means you'll keep product moving through the line and your production costs down.

Hitachi’s newest, UX Twin Nozzle Series  printer has the capability of producing up to 8 lines of text by combining two individual nozzles into one compact design.  With this innovative design Hitachi now offers 64 vertical dots of print that deliver large, bold characters making it ideal for company logos and UL marks.  By sharing the workload between two separate nozzles there is a dramatic increase in the speed of multi-line printing.  This printer also features the ability to stitch both nozzles together resulting in bigger and bolder characters.

  • Up to 8 lines of print
  • 80,000 hours of meantime between failure
  • Temperature regulated motor speed control
  • Innovative ink return system
  • Automatic print head cleaning
  • “One Button” startup for the next production run
  • Visual feedback to an operator for ink and makeup levels
  • Simple fluid management