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Hot Melt Equipment

The AP Series is the latest addition to Astro Packaging’s long and proud history of reliable hot melt equipment the adhesive dispens­ing industry has come to know. These rugged and durable melt units all use Ni120 sensors that match Nordson style sensors and are 100% compatible with existing Nordson hoses and guns. Utilizing an integrated flow-through melt grid and an adjustable output flow control, the AP Series ensures consistent pump rates and adhesive delivery for long hours of operation.


With Ni120 sensors, the AP Series is compatible with Nordson, Melton, and ITW external equip­ment providing simple, drop-in replacement for ProBlue and DuraBlue melt units.


Built with a Teflon coated, cylindrical tank de­sign, the AP Series protects against adhesive degradation and char build-up reducing main­tenance costs and chances of downtime.


Choose between 15, 30, 50, or 100 pound tank capacities supporting up to 4 or 6 hoses and guns for manual or automatic applications.